Writing the Perfect Commercial Property Advertisement

Writing the Perfect Commercial Property AdvertisementA commercial property advertisement must succeed in enticing prospective tenants. A successful description will make the reader want to seriously consider your property. Your advertisement must include the right information to make a prospective tenant want to pick up the phone or send an email to find out more about the space and visit your property. Following these tips will help you write a good advertisement, one that potential tenants will read and catch their attention.

Location, Location, Location

London is a vast city. New businesses that are moving into the city may not be familiar with where your commercial space is located. It is important that your advertisement include information on the borough and neighbourhood that your office, warehouse or other commercial property is found. The advert should also include some basic information about the character of the area. For example, include information on what other types of businesses are located nearby and whether the area is primarily industrial, commercial or residential. Also, highlight some of the attractions and services found nearby. Prospective tenants are choosing a property to meet their own operating needs as well as the needs of their employees. That is why you should consider including information on nearby restaurants, shops, recreational facilities, banks, transportation options, and other amenities.

Services and Amenities

Often times, commercial tenants expect more than just a space for their rent. Knowing what a client will get for their money will help a potential tenant decide whether your commercial property is shortlisted and worthy of further enquiries or a visit. Your advertisement should include any services and amenities that are included when a tenant lets space. Include details about telecommunication and information technology systems, especially whether the space is connected with high-speed broadband. The advert should outline whether there are meeting spaces and kitchens. If spaces such as elevators and washrooms are accessible to persons with disabilities, highlight this in the ad. Similarly, include any landlord services such as maintenance in the advertisement. Your description should also dedicate some space to special commercial features if you want to attract specific types of businesses. For example, for IT businesses you should highlight what type of technology is present and if the space is equipped to handle servers. If the property is a restaurant or shop, including information on any specialised equipment or spaces for these types of businesses.

Transportation Links

Most commuters who work in London take public transport. Take for example the City of London. Although the district is home to approximately 7,375 people according to the 2011 Census, there are over 380,000 people who work in the City. With limited parking and traffic congestion in London, most workers travel by rail, tube or bus into the City. The presence of information about transportation links is vital when a commercial tenant is considering how accessible a workplace will be for their employees. When writing an advert, include details on the nearest tube and rail stations, as well as bus routes that serve the area. Information should highlight the distance from transportation options and estimated walking times from your commercial property.


Commercial properties with flexible floor plan options are often attractive to tenants. An unbranded and versatile commercial space will attract more prospective tenants than a space that can not be altered. Having flexibility means that a prospective tenant can shape their office, warehouse or retail space to meet their own operating and business requirements. It also helps them create a space that is unique to their business. If possible, include the option to modify or create layouts according to individual client requirements.

First Impressions

Although having the right content in the description of your property is crucial, so are first impressions. You should develop a compelling headline that grabs a prospective tenant's attention. A strong headline defines the space as either an office, industrial, retail or other commercial space. It also tells the reader where the property is located in London. A good headline also includes something catchy, such as describing the space as attractive modern space or a timeless heritage property. Your advertisement should also include high-quality photographs. Consider investing in having professional photos taken of your space to ensure you have good representations of your property. Photos should highlight the strengths of your space, including any unique elements such as views of the city or interesting architectural features. In the end, you want photos that will capture the imagination of a prospective tenant and make them read more about your property.