Advertising London Commercial Properties for Free

Advertising Commercial Property For FreeThere are ways to drastically cut your marketing spend when advertising your London commercial property, including some free options. Commercial property advertising usually attracts fees, which can deter sellers who don't have a large amount of spare cash to invest in advertising.

If you are selling a commercial property located in London or the South-East, you can take advantage of the current high demand for business premises in this region. There are several free options to choose from, or to combine together.


This can be very successful if you work in the premises you are selling or renting out. List all local area contacts, business associations, similar businesses to yours, and local government contacts, who can advise you on where to advertise your premises. Write a good description of the property, with the address and location detailed fully. Take several good photographs of the property and put these together with a sales package. Drop off the details to interested people in the area, and let them contact you directly if interested in buying or renting your property.

Using a Business Transfer Agent (BTA)

The services of a qualified BTA gains you access to their client list, where clients are looking actively for London commercial properties. Instead of advertising the property, the BTA looks for a match. The agent will transfer all contracts and handle any exchanges for you. A percentage fee of the sale or rental value of the commercial property is charged. This is comparatively similar to what you would pay a commercial real-estate agent. Using this method means you avoid paying for any advertising, however you will still need to prepare all information relevant to your commercial property for the agent.

Using a BTA instead, is particularly useful if you are selling a property that has value beyond the sale of the land or premises. This can include the ownership of special licenses attached to the premises, having a unique supplier relationship, or being in a location that is about to financially benefit from recent government initiatives or legislation. Don't underestimate the value of external factors which increase the value of your London commercial property. What it has bought and sold for in the past, according to the land registry, doesn't always reflect the current value of a commercial property.

Using the Web to Advertise for Free

Advertising London commercial properties for free is achievable on the web if you can locate a site that is currently not charging. The world wide web is a dynamic place, with start-ups offering advertising services for free initially, and charging for them later, as the patronage of the site increases. Remember when Facebook contained no advertising fees? Look for a site with a viral aspect, where the description of your commercial property can be shared or 'favourited'.

Advertising Included with Broker

Many corporate brokers, or commercial estate companies, offer advertising as part of the fee structure when they sell a property on your behalf. A broker is the best option if your property has any tricky caveats or covenants, environment issues, or has been vacant without possession for some time. Corporate brokers will be able to advise you on ways to advertise your London commercial property and enhance the best features. A complimentary advertising schedule, linked to their client list, is usually included in the 'price' of their fees.

If you are looking for free ways to advertise your commercial property, you can always switch to low-cost paid advertising if you are unable make your desired sale. It is worth remembering that not much is free nowadays, and complimentary offers of advertising are only worth doing if the site, broker, or company, offers an excellent chance of connecting with your ideal buyer.